A coach is a horse-drawn carriage.

This is just one of the many definitions of a coach. Last weeks blog post focused on the importance of a sports coach regulating their anxiety in order to keep their teams head in the game. Before we rush headlong into a series of blog posts for leaders on coaching just what exactly do we mean when we say coaching? And for that matter what is a leader?

A leader is a horse harnessed at the front of a team.

This is just one of the many definitions of a leader. Leadership and coaching are terms with as many definitions as there are consultants with answers to these questions. I like the analogy of a horse-drawn carriage.

The horse uses the coach to transport people from one place to another. The leader uses coaching to help people move to a place of higher emotional maturity.

Coaching is different from mentorship. Mentorship is about transferring knowledge from the mentor to the mentee.

Coaching is different from teaching. Teaching is about developing an intellectual understanding of theory.

Coaching is different from training. Training is about developing skill.

Effective leaders integrate coaching, mentoring, teaching and training. Many of the skills involved in coaching cross over, however, the application of those skills has a different aim. Promoting maturity in the person being coached means helping the person advance his/her





So how do you do this? Find out in next weeks blog.

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