I provide customized leadership development programs to meet the unique and specific needs of your organization.

Introductory Session

I provide the team with insight into the theoretical basis for my approach to leadership development. This session includes an exercise to identify functional patterns of behaviour in the organization. The client team gets to experience first-hand how I work.

The introductory session is provided at no-charge, if you want to explore further I will provide a cost estimate for next steps of consultation.


In the consultation phase I will meet with each team member individually to discuss team strengths, weaknesses, connection and leadership challenges.

Program Recommendations

I will present the leadership team with a summary of insights and recommendations based on the results of the interviews. I will provide an overview for a custom program containing goals and objectives, a draft schedule of sessions and associated fees.

Program Delivery

I will work with your team to deliver a custom program that supports clearly defined leadership development goals.

Measure Your Anxiety

The functioning of an organization marches to the beat of an ancient drum … Anxiety. Take our quiz to get insights on the level of anxiety in your organization.

Thinc Tank

In order to get our best thinking on leadership,
you must give us yours.