Anxiety clouds thinking and negatively impacts decision making, relationships and quality of life. We all experience varying levels of stress, however, the demands on leaders today are extreme given the challenges and pace of change they face.

Tools & Techniques

As a leader, you may be familiar with various tools and techniques organizational development consultants offer to better understand personality traits and team dynamics. You may have seen short term benefits and slight improvements to team culture. But, many leaders have a felt sense that there is something deeper going on. And they are right.

Skills & Strategies

Think Leadership Inc. helps leaders understand the emotional forces at play in the workplace that influence functioning. The Game Changer is knowing how to recognize and work with these emotional forces. Working with Think Leadership, you will acquire knowledge, skills and strategies to improve your decision making, strengthen your relationships, enhance your influence to maximize team performance over the long term.

Kirk Morrison has been trained by some of the world’s leading thinkers on the science behind these emotional forces and the theory and practical strategies that support leaders to function at a higher level.


You will discover self-insights that will forever transform how you think about leadership and how you show up in relationships. As a result, not only will you increase your ability to influence within the workplace, as an added bonus, you will improve relationships in all areas of your life. The emotional forces at play in the work system are the same forces that govern all social systems including the family. These systems are connected and an improvement in one produces benefits in all.