I attended a family gathering this week to celebrate a year of sobriety. This was a major accomplishment. For the past 365 days a choice was made not to drink. I can only imagine what courage and conviction this required.  The influence of family likely made this choice more difficult on some days and on other days family was a source of strength.

The world junior hockey game played on the big screen in the background. Finland put a bit of a damper on our celebrations by knocking Canada out of the tournament with a 2-1 win. Canada’s captain had an opportunity to win the game in overtime. He was chosen by the coach to take a penalty shot and was denied by Finland’s goalie. After missing the shot he held his head in agony, he had let his team down. But, the outcome of the game was not determined by that shot alone. The amount of sleep the players got the previous night, the craftsmanship of their hockey sticks and unlucky bounces were all factors in the loss.

In hockey, in business, and in life … We win and lose as a team.

Coming together as a team to celebrate our “player of the year” reinforces the strength and resourcefulness of the family. The outcome of a hockey game is not determined by one player and the total level of sobriety or success in a family/work system is not determined by one individual member. We all play a part. Leadership is taking responsibility for the part we play.