The purpose of a leader is to:

  • Serve the best interests of the group
  • Regulate group anxiety
  • Promote maturity and responsibility in all members of the group

At Think Leadership, we believe the foundations of Clear Thinking are grounded in Self-Focus, Systems Thinking, and Connected Relationships.

Self Focus

The only real change any Leader can affect is to modify the part they play in relation to the emotional forces in a system. The functioning of a system will improve when any key member can be more responsible for self. When leaders shift their focus to self rather than trying to change others they change the game.

“I learned that if there was an emotional issue in the organization I was playing a part in it, and if I could modify the part I was playing, others would do the same … and the problem in the organization would resolve” Dr. Murray Bowen, MD.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is anchored in a belief that what occurs in one part of a system influences, and is influenced by other parts of the system. A systems orientation leads to a deeper understanding of contributing factors that go beyond blame. We help leaders think more broadly and deeply about “What’s really going on here?” and “What part am I playing”.

“Systems thinking focuses on the facts of functioning in human relationship systems. It focuses on what happened and on how and when and where it happened. It carefully avoids our automatic pre-occupation with why it happened.” Dr. Murray Bowen, MD.

Connected Relationships

The strength of a relationship connection has two key dimensions.

  1. First, one’s ability and willingness to self-disclose; to let others in.
  2. Second, the degree of interest one has in the other. Interest in others is revealed by the degree of curiosity and understanding one has about how others see a situation. What others want, need, think, feel, expect, will do, and won’t do.

“If you can get person-to-person relationship going with all members of your extended family it will help you grow up more than anything you can do in life” Dr. Murray Bowen MD