Our focus [ ]

We focus on a way of thinking that can produce the following game changing shifts:

  • away from: linear orientation (cause and effect) ... toward: systems orientation (contributing factors)
  • away from: blame (others) ... toward: responsibility (self)
  • away from: stress (pursuit) ... toward: calm (enjoyment)

We believe that leaders have the power to change the world

This power is reflected in TH90 the symbol for the element Thorium discovered in 1828 by Swedish chemist Jons Jacob Berzelius. Thorium is named after Thor, the Norse god of Thunder.

Thorium’s radioactivity is the largest single contributor to the Earths Internal Heat and the average human body contains 40 micrograms of Thorium. This internal power source is available to all leaders.

Although Thorium is very powerful it is also highly reactive. High functioning leaders have an ability to contain their reactivity while remaining open to new information and diverse perspectives. The ability to remain both open and contained develops through a focus on self in relation to the emotional forces within a system.

Our business is outside the box

Our transformative approach to leadership development is grounded in an understanding of the forces of nature that drive human functioning. These forces are reflected within Bowen Theory and supported by scientific research.

We believe that challenge produces growth

Our brand of challenge is a careful examination of the rules. What are the formal and informal social, cultural, family and workplace rules that guide your functioning? Do they support the best interests of the group? What pressure from the system to change back can be predicted when you make a shift in your functioning?

We strive to reach 90

Bowen Theory conceptulizes a "scale of differentiation" that proposes human functioning resides on a scale from zero at the low end to 100 at the high end. We refer to differentiation as "Emotional Maturity".

People with Emotional Maturity of  zero have not developed any sense of self and are incapable of being an individual in a group. A person with an Emotional Maturity level of 100 can be a fully distinct individual within a group and neither fosters nor participates in the irresponsibility of others.

The person at a Emotional Maturity level of 90 is:

  • principle oriented and goal-directed
  • sure of beliefs and convictions but is not dogmatic in his/her thinking
  • capable of hearing and evaluating the viewpoints of others and can discard old beliefs in favor of new ones
  • mostly unaffected by either praise or criticism and looks inward for validation
  • responsible for self and sure of his/her responsibility to others
  • seeks to learn within relationships rather than to get something from others
  • able to tolerate the intense emotionality of others without sacrificing principle to accommodate immature needs.



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