Kirk Morrison, P. Eng

Kirk Morrison founded Think Leadership Inc. to combine his engineering and leadership skills with his passion for leadership development and self-growth.

Throughout a professional and management career, Kirk developed an ability to navigate the most extreme personal and professional challenges.

His study of Bowen Theory became a grounding source of leadership knowledge. Kirk completed a nationally acclaimed Advanced Leadership Course delivered by Leadership Coaching, Inc. in Rochester, NY. He gained an innovative way of systems thinking that transformed Kirk’s ability to deepen his most important relationships and his ability to lead, influence and drive results.

Kirk draws on 15 years of progressive leadership experience within the Canadian municipal and provincial government sectors. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and he is a registered Professional Engineer in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Career Highlights include:

  • Led the City of Lloydminster, in the capacity of Deputy CAO and acting CAO, through three challenging organizational transitions: elimination of a $10 million operating deficit, a municipal election, and implementation of a revised Governance Model.
  • Developed innovative partnerships between the City of Lloydminster and Inclusion Alberta, EPCOR and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.
  • Coached and mentored several Engineers-in-Training to achieve Professional Engineer status.
  • Coached and mentored technical professionals to develop their careers into Executive Leadership roles.
  • Accountable for the development and oversight of annual operating and capital budgets in combined excess of $100 million.

A lifelong learner, Kirk continues to explore the application of Bowen Theory and other sciences to leadership thinking through a collaboration with Shoshin Leadership, Inc. located in Rochester, NY.

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Kirk is a very good listener. I took him up on the offer for a no-obligation first chat and I am glad I did. It has been many years since I've had a conversation with that much depth. I am looking forward to future coaching sessions

Richard J. C. McKenzie

Vice President, Engineering, Avalon Oil & Gas Ltd.

Kirk Morrison’s work offers a refreshing and solid approach to developing and empowering leaders. With a foundation of systems thinking and self-discovery, Leaders gain clarity about how they may be contributing to the root cause of organizational issues. Think Leadership gives Leaders an objective framework to understand issues, people, and behaviours as interactive elements within emotional systems.  With insight and clear thinking, Leaders can make small shifts that dramatically influence organizational patterns and results.

Marilyn Johnson

Executive and Sales Coach, Set Sale Inc.

Kirk did an amazing job of presenting the needs of his organization in a way that connected our values and gave us the space to innovate. He took the time to understand who we are and what we do, it was a pleasure working with him.

Michael R. Brown

President & CEO, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Equipped with a healthy degree of dissatisfaction with the status quo and a belief that something better is possible for municipal governments and the services they provide - Kirk recognizes that it is people who will bring about this positive change. He has a rare passion for understanding and evolving human behaviours. It's something that I believe is rooted in his own journey of self-discovery and his commitment to personal growth and development. Qualities that will serve him in shaping the municipal leaders of tomorrow, to be sure.

Clayton Drewlo

Branch Leader, Urban Systems

Kirk's capacity to engage and inspire all those around him was remarkable.  He was creative and thoughtful in his approach to problems. He was lighthearted when the moment called for levity and direct and focused when the situation demanded. He never shied from conflict when faced with disgruntled residents and always put the needs of the City before anything else.

Linnea Goodhand

Barrister & Solicitor, Former City Councilor, Lloydminster

Kirk has an amazing ability to look at a large team of professionals and glean what each needed from him and from each other to deliver great results. He was able to focus the whole of the, seemingly disparate team, toward a single vision - a single goal. Which was achieved and for which we are all very proud.

Linus Murphy

Principal S2, Architecture

Kirk, alongside his colleagues and leadership team, worked collaboratively with our organization, as a key stakeholder, to develop a progressive inclusion and diversity policy that has and will continue to impact our community for years to come.  The policy laid the foundation for further partnership and innovation and in doing so has garnered national attention

Robin Acton

Past-president Inclusion Alberta and President of Inclusion Lloydminster

I have had the pleasure of working with Kirk on several projects. Kirk is very thorough in his research. Kirk provided us as a Council with options to consider outlining the pros and cons of each option to enable us to make an informed decision. Kirk always had the best interest of our citizens in mind doing his work.

Larry Sauer

Education Management Professional, Former City Councilor, Lloydminster